Back to One

I’ve never fancied myself a songwriter. I like songs. I like the capacity it takes to create songs and many of my friends and family are very gifted songwriters. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with some of them and currently am playing with some of them (Andrew Webb aka Map Water Blue), but haven’t ever undertaken the art seriously. This isn’t a post about what I’m now undertaking as a songwriter. No, this is about being taken back to something. Something serious, something that inspired the movement of music within me. The art of the Soundtrack.

I love movies. I always have. The element of sound and music in a movie is part of why I love them, but more than that it’s a part of why I remember them. A scene in a movie by itself, silent, without music and the only sound is the lips and mouth of the performer creating the sound of speech or a look that creates terror. I can remember that, but I remember a scene, hell, a preview more with the emphasis of a soundtrack. A chord, an orchestra hit, an undertone, an overtone, and I will never forget the movie, time or place.

In school I’m being challenged to compose in a digital format. What this opportunity affords me is the ability to explore a part of me musically that I was sure I could do, but didn’t know if the time would ever be right. It also allows me access to orchestra upon orchestra without the need for live musicians until the time comes.

Here’s the rep for my current projects:
Aaron Copland, Hans Zimmer and Russell Brower (composer of the WoW expansion Mists of Pandaria) for starters.