On the Road Pt 1 & 2

I’m by no means a Jack Keuroac.  I don’t think I have the capacity for drugs and drink or the vocabulary.  But I do love the occasional monologue about travel, drive and watching the miles click by on the odometer.  Granted it’s a little more glamorous when you’re cruising in a Lexus, but the feel, the dirt the scenery, the weather on the horizon is still the same as it ever was.  The adventure is the same and affected by the shift in winds and the wet of the road.  The climate of the car can change with a word or a song and therefore contains it’s own atmosphere and stable vs. unstable conditions.  Snacks, salt, sweet, caffeine, songs, jokes, a laugh all add the varying weight of a drives potential energy.  The physics of travel.

I love to drive.  I really will opt to drive whenever I get the chance.  I have only a handful of friends that I think share the same passion for driving as me.  Though I feel that some of them do it out of a desire for control or rather a difficulty in relinquishing it.  I prefer to drive, but not because I don’t trust others to do it.  I have equally as much fun watching the terrain pass by in all of its layered horizons.  How the grasses flit by almost fluid, then the fence posts and telephone poles meandering at a jogger’s pace while the mountains and cows take their time leisurely and deceptive, making the distances seem twice as far.  The beckon for speed and so to them I tip my hat when I have the wheel and oblige their indulgences.  85 the average as we were whisking our way south.

Saugache (pronounced Sa-Watch).  Reminds me of the Antelope Valley where I grew up in So. Cal.  Hi desert.  Sky, upon sky.  The threat of tumbleweeds lingers as the sage and brush are blown by westerly winds.  Saugache is quiet, almost desloate and abandoned.  As we rolled through there seemed to be no people going about their days.  Inside, hunkered down in their A/C and swamp coolers, or off in the hills watching us drive slowly through their town through ancient telescopes and waiting to carry us off to some dungeon under granite.  This may seem far fetched, but they make movies about this shit.  Though my mind does wander I’m not always this morbid.

I think I’m too liberal with my use of commas.

Kyle won the Road Trip Mix Song contest.  We all had 3 to 4 mix CD’s to provide for this sojourn south and the rules were as follows: 1) Everybody gets a turn, 2) No Skipping Songs!  No matter how terrible or obnoxious.  So when Kyle dropped the Angelic Bomb on us he catapulted to the front of the pack for Song of the Trip.  Initially my vote was for Colorblind by The Counting Crows, but it go usurped and rightly so.

Since I’ve been working on finishing this post for almost 2 weeks I’m just going to sum up my feelings about this trip: I love getting to know people better and I think 4 people in a car for 16 hours is a great way to get to do that.  I am super thankful for that.  The show that we went to see was brilliant and I am now on a constant search for Neil Labutte plays to read.  The cast of this show rocked socks and I was super impressed with all of them and very proud to know them as performers and people.  The Bridge Jump was awesome (check out the vid for more info http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=wHOf5Mdm8eE). People, please speak truthfully at the outset.  And lastly, Colorado, you are BEAUTIFUL!  I love this state and am very excited to have gotten to see so much of it this summer.

Till next time,
Vaya Con Dios